Star Magazine
April 9, 1991

Star Fitness
Perfect Strangersí Beauty Keeps in Shape by Drinking Lots of Water

Written by Jay Christian

Dietingís out and waterís in for Perfect Strangers star Rebeca Arthur.  The pretty blonde - 5 ft. 4 in. and a svelte 106 lbs. - makes a habit of having water nearby.  That way, sheís sure to get her goal of 10 glasses a day.

"I began drinking lots of water when I was growing up in Western Maryland," Rebeca tells STAR.  "We had the best-tasting water right out of the tap.  When I got older, I realized that a larger amount of liquids in your diet has many benefits.  It not only keeps you healthier because it cleanses your body, but it helps to keep your weight down, too.  I donít crave a lot of snacks."

The producers of Perfect Strangers had a water cooler installed in Rebecaís dressing room because she frequently leaves to get a drink of water.

"Itís important to have the water near you," she says.  "I also carry a bottle of water with me in my car, and when Iím home, I have glasses of it everywhere -- next to my bed, and in front of me when Iím watching TV.  I had a purifying system put in and the water tastes even better."

Rebeca, 27, plays ditzy flight attendant Mary Anne on the hit show, starring Bronson Pinchot and Mark Linn-Baker.

For people who lack her enthusiasm for water, she recommends starting slowly, then increasing gradually.

In additional to 10 8-oz. glasses of water, she drinks four cups of other liquids: milk, juice or coffee.

Except for an occasional splurge on sugar cookies or steak, and a daily Danish and small servings of cheese, she tends to avoid many high-fat foods.  "Many of my favorite dishes are low fat, because low fat really tastes better," she says.  Her usual diet is simple.  "I donít feel deprived because my diet is what Iíve chosen Ė not what anyone chose for me.

"In the morning I have a Carnation Breakfast Bar with a tall glass of milk, then an 8-oz. glass of orange or grapefruit juice.  I eat this every day.  I used to eat oatmeal, but I got tired of it, so I switched.  The Breakfast Bar has a good amount of oats in it.  At home, I eat no bacon, eggs or anything heavy.  If I go to brunch, though, I might have a little."

She eats small amounts throughout the day instead of the conventional three large meals.  "I like to eat six smaller meals," she says.  "I find it not only keeps my weight down, but it gives me energy all day.  I get pretty moody if I donít have anything in my stomach, so I make sure to have something often.

"For mid-morning, Iíll have a Danish and a cup of black coffee.  We usually break for lunch around 1 p.m., so I make it light.  I have a sandwich of cut-up cucumber, tomato and avocado with alfalfa sprouts on sourdough bread.  Or I might have a tuna-fish sandwich with a large glass of water or iced tea.

"Around 4 p.m., Iíll snack on cheese and crackers.  I like Swiss or Muenster with celery.  Iíll also have more water.  When I get home from work, Iíll make a little pasta Ė a nice plate of spaghetti with sauce or chicken ravioli Ė for dinner.

"Iíll also have a large salad with mixed vegetables in it.  Other times, Iíll just make a pasta salad with curly noodles.  I like the tri-color kind.  Iíll mix in cucumber, tomato and lettuce and toss it with a non-oily Italian dressing.  For an extra touch, I might add asparagus and broccoli.

"Other times, Iíll eat meat, but not often.  I know it sounds weird, but I love a good steak with lots of ketchup on it.  So, once or twice a month I have steak.

"I like fish, and Iíll eat salmon or swordfish poached or broiled."

For snacks at night, Rebeca likes pink grapefruit, bananas, frozen yogurt or Weight Watchers Ice Cream Sandwiches.  "Also, I love sugar cookies," she admits.  "My mother mails the to me."

Vitamin supplements are also a part of Rebecaís diet.  "I like to take my vitamins twice a day.  I take a multi-vitamin, a B-complex and a 1,500-mg. vitamin C.  At dinner, Iíll take another vitamin C.  I find I feel much better by splitting up the vitamins to twice a day."

Rebeca says the vitamins help protect her from colds and other illnesses.  She also firmly believes in getting a yearly flu shot.  "I swear by then," she says.  "They really work."

Rebeca does a daily workout, and she prefers home to a gym.  "When I get home from work, Iíll change into my sweats or a leotard and get on the living-room floor and do my exercises," she says.  "I like to stretch every which way.  I am a former gymnast, so Iím limber.  Sometimes, Iíll work on the chin-up bar in the doorway of my bedroom.  If I donít exercise every day, Iíll feel lethargic and tired.  Exercise keeps me going and feeling refreshed."

Rebeca swears by her one, basic fitness tip: "Find a diet and exercise plan that works for you and stick with it.  Youíll feel great!"