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Written by:
Cousin Whitney

Balki and Kelsey were sitting on the couch watching a movie in the dark.  Kelsey had her face buried in Balkiís chest shielding her eyes from the TV set.

"Balki why do we have to watch this?" Kelsey asked.

"Kelsey this movie ranked number one on the horror-rible movie box office." Balki said.

All of sudden there was a horrific scream that came from the television set.  Kelsey quickly shielded her eyes from the set and buried her face deeper into Balkiís chest.  "Yeah, but why do we have to watch it?" Kelsey stressed.

"Kelsey you are in the movies, you know this not real." Balki reminded her.

"Yeah but when the project is finished, it seems so real." Kelsey said as she squirmed at the television.  "Plus bad, crazy thoughts can get into your head and cause nightmares." She added.

"Okay we donít have to watch it if you donít want too." Balki said sincerely.

Kelsey smiled then lightly kissed Balki on the cheek.  "Thanks Balki."  She then relaxed her head on his chest and changed the channel.

The night was getting ready to get a little bit unusual.  Balki and Kelsey weren't the only ones watching that movie.


The next morning Balki was sitting at the table having breakfast and reading the paper.

"Morning Balki." Larry said as he came in to the kitchen fixing his tie.

"Morning Cousin." Balki replied.

"So what do you want to do today?" Larry said as he poured himself a cup of coffee.

"Oh Cousin I canít.  Kelsey and I are going out tonight." Balki said.

"Whaat??  This is your third date with Kelsey.  It must be great to have her here while she is taking a break.  You two must be really getting close if you know what I mean?" Larry said as he began to laugh.  Balki joined in.  They both laughed manically with suggestive noises and motions.

"What are we talking about?" Balki finally asked.

Larry put his hand to his forehead with frustration.  "Never mind.  So where you two are going?" Larry asked as he took a sip.

"We are going to have a nice dinner at the Steamed Lobster, then we are going to take a carriage ride to the park where we are going to have a nice walk.  You know, nothing fancy." Balki said casually the returned his focus back to the newspaper.

Larry gave a weird look.  "Yeah that is nothing fancy and not expensive either." Larry said as he took a sip of his coffee.

"Hey Cousin, Kelsey and I were watching this scary movie last night and Kelsey didn't want to watch it.  I don't understand how she can be in movies and not like or watch scary movies." Balki said confused.

"Well Balki just because a person does movies doesnít mean they have to enjoy all genres of them, especially when they just want to sit back and enjoy one.  More people like comedy more than drama, some like suspense more than horror.  Some people like sci-fi over fantasy.  It just varies." Larry explained.

"I guess so Cousin." Balki said.

"What was the movie about?" Larry asked.

"We didn't get to watch much of it, but what it looked like it was about was this guy was under some hypnosis spell where it caused him to go around terrorizing and killing people, set fires, chased them with a chainsaw, locked them in rooms, one part of the movie he had meathook and was going around slashing people with it, and the only way he would come out of the spell if a certain word was said.  But no one never knew what the word was because he and his minions would eliminate them." Balki explained.

"'Eliminate' as in kill them?" Larry asked.

"Yepper." Balki said.

"Wow!  Sounds pretty scary.  What was the name of it?" Larry asked.

"Secret Word." Balki said.

Larry just nodded.

"Now I'll never get to know what the secret word was because we didn't get to finish it." Balki said disappointed.

"Well I'm sure the movie will come on again." Larry said as he took his coffee cup to the sink. "Well I got to get ready and go to work." He said as he got his briefcase.

All of a sudden Kelsey came in through the front door with some shopping bags in her hand.  "Hi Larry!" She said excitedly.

"Hi Kelsey, can't talk now, on my way to work." Larry said as he grabbed his jacket and rushed out.

"Bye Larry.  Have a good day." Kelsey said as the door shut.  "Balki wait till you see the outfit I got for our date tonight." She said.

"Oh!  Let me see!" Balki said.

"No, not now, it's a surprise." Kelsey said snatching the bag away.

"So how did you sleep?" Balki asked.

"Oh alright.  I had a hard time going because I still had images in my head from that movie." Kelsey groaned.  "Good thing I had Dimitri and Kristi there to ease my mind." She continued.  "Balki I still can't believe you wanted to watch that." She said in a surprised tone.

"Kelsey you know that is not real, plus I am right here too.  Nothing was going to hurt you with me here." Balki explained.

"But Balki didn't you tell me one Halloween you and Larry watched a horror movie marathon and he dreamt that you were an alien and were putting vests on everyone turning them into Mypiot aliens?" Kelsey asked.

"Kelsey all that was make-believe.  And that was also because Cousin Larry ate a lot of candy that night too." Balki said.

"Make-believe or not, I still donít like them." Kelsey protested.

"Okay we don't have to talk about the movie anymore." Balki said sincerely.

"Thanks Balki." Kelsey said as she gave him a little kiss.


Later that evening, Larry had to stay late at work so Balki and Kelsey were already out on their date.  They just finished dinner and was on their carriage ride through the park.  Kelsey had her head against Balki's chest.  She absorbed the atmosphere.

"Oh Balki this so lovely.  I have really been enjoying my time here during the break and the best part about it is I am able to enjoy it with you." Kelsey said.

"Oh Kelsey." Balki said smiling.

They held hands while they continued to enjoy the ride.  The carriage pulled up to a lake that was in the middle of the park.

"Here we are." The driver said.

"It's over already?" Kelsey said in a disappointed tone.

"Kelsey don't worry, we still have our walk." Balki said.

"That's right!" Kelsey said as she remembered.

The driver helped Kelsey down.  Balki then hopped off too.

"Thank you." Balki said to the driver.

"Have a nice night." The driver said as he pulled off.

Balki and Kelsey started walking near the lake.  "The night is so nice." Balki said.

"Yeah it is." Kelsey said sighing.

"Look there's a bench in front of the lake, let's take a seat." Balki suggested.

"Okay." Kelsey said.

Balki motioned Kelsey to sit down first.  Balki followed.

"I hate nights like this." Kelsey said.

"Why?" Balki asked in a shocked tone.

"Because they always have to come to an end." Kelsey said.

They shared a long hug.

There was a vendor nearby selling fresh-squeezed lemonade.  "Oh Balki look, there's a man selling some fresh-squeezed lemonade.  I would really like some." Kelsey said.

"Okay my little lamb kabob.  Anything for you.  I'll be right back." Balki said as he gave her a little tickle which caused her to giggle.

On the other side of the lake there was a man that seemed to be a magician of some sort.  Kelsey noticed him.  She got up and went over to see what he was doing.  He was doing some sort of a lighted show.

"Wow you're very good with that." Kelsey said acknowledging the man's work.

"Thank you." The man said.  He was dressed in some weird, unusual attire and kind of looked like a mad scientist.  "Hello, my name is Vinton.  Since you are such a lovely young lady I will show you another which will involve you." Vinton said.

"Oh great let me go get my friend so he can see." Kelsey said as she tried to go get Balki.

"No, no trust me he will notice this trick." Vinton said as he stopped Kelsey, followed by with an evil laugh.  He pulled out a multicolor light that swirled around.  "Just look into the multicolor light my dear." Vinton said as he held it up.  "After tonight you will not be one, but as two, you are now being put under my spell, anyone or anything that comes in contact with you will be at the mercy of you and suffer the consequences, painful consequences, and be perished.  The only way to break the spell is when the secret word "bushi" is said, which no one will ever know or be able to find out what it is.  Let the spell seal in!"

All of a sudden the clear sky grew dark, there was thunder and lighting, the effect of the spell could be seen going into Kelsey.  After all the chaos was done everything turned back to normal.  Vinton all of a sudden disappeared.

"Whoa!" Kelsey as she held her head and caught herself to regain her balance.  She looked around.  Everything looked the same except Vinton was gone.

"Kelsey!  Kelsey!"  Are you alright? Balki said as he ran over to her with the lemonade in hand.

"Yeah I - I think so." Kelsey said kind of dazed.  "What happened?" She asked.

"Well everything got cloudy and dark all of a sudden especially since the weatherman Mr. Sprinkles said it was going to be clear." Balki explained.

"Oh.  Why are we in this park anyway?" Kelsey asked kind of icy.

Balki was shocked when he heard this and sort of confused.  "Kelsey we are here on our date.  Are you sure you okay?" Balki asked.

"I'm fine.  Why do you keep asking me dumb questions?" Kelsey continued to ask in her ice-cold tone.

"I - I ... don't ... know." Balki said astonished.  "Here's your lemonade." Balki said handing the lemonade to her.

"Why are you giving me that?  I didn't ask for any lemonade." Kelsey said shoving the lemonade away.

Balki was at a loss for words.  "Y - yes you did.  You did ask for it.  You love lemonade.  It's your fa-vah-rite." Balki stressed.

"I don't want it!" Kelsey said as she snatched the lemonade and threw it on the ground.  Balki had a shocked look on his face when she did that.  "I want to get out of here!  Now!" Kelsey demanded.

"But we haven't finished our date yet." Balki said.

"If we don't leave right now the fish in the lake are going to do some major suffering." Kelsey threatened.

"What do you mean by 'major suffering?í" Balki asked nervously knowing the answer wasn't going to be good.

Kelsey pointed her finger toward the lake and a red-orange flash shot out at the end of her finger at the lake causing the water to drain killing all the fish and plants.  Balki's eyes grew wide not believing what just happened to the beautiful lake.

"We can leave now, can we?" Kelsey asked holding her finger she just used up straight up.  Balki's facial expression was still the same and no words could come out his mouth.


The next morning Larry was having a doughnut with his coffee.  He dunked the whole doughnut into the coffee.  When he brought it back up to take a bite the soggy half broke off.  Larry threw down the other half with frustration.

The sofa-bed was out and unmade.  Balki came out of the bathroom yawning.  He walked over to the table where Larry was sitting.

"Weeelll look who got in late." Larry said smirking.  "How was your date last night?"

"Cousin please, I don't have time for your sexual colloquialisms." Balki said in a tone showing he didn't feel like being bothered.

Larry gave a hurtful look.  "What's wrong buddy?" Larry asked concerned.

"Cousin - "  Balki looked back to see if Kelsey was to come out the bedroom.  He then turned back to Larry.  He started talking in a whispered tone.  "Cousin have you noticed anything strange about Kelsey?" Balki asked.

"No.  Strange like how?" Larry asked.

"Well she's not acting like ... Kelsey." Balki said.

"Ohhh, is her monthly friend in town?" Larry asked.

"Kelsey's monthly friend is a magazine?" Balki's asked confused.

"I have to teach you how to speak code for certain words in certain situations." Larry said as a reminder.

"I don't think that's it Cousin.  We were out at the park last night and Kelsey saw a guy selling lemonade and she wanting some, so I went to go get her some and when I came back she was not herself.  Kind of like you are when you wake up." Balki threw in.  Larry gave Balki a look.  Balki continued, "She was talking in a not-so-nice-way and then drained the lake with her finger.  She's acting like that guy from that movie." Balki thought.

"Oh Balki that is crazy.  I think the little bit of that movie you watched was a little too much." Larry said as he took his coffee cup and plate to the sink.

"Cousin I don't think so." Balki stressed.

"Balki there is no way Kelsey is under a hypnosis spell.  I believe you have let your imagination get the best of you." Larry said.

"Cousin I know what I saw last night." Balki protested.

Larry sighed, "Okay why don't we ask Kelsey for ourselves." Larry said as he started walking toward Balki's room.

"No!  No Cousin, don't do that!" Balki said as he rushed over and stepped in front of Larry.

"And why not?" Larry said as he placed his hands on his hips.

Balki thought.  "Maybe you're right, maybe my mind is doing tricks." Balki admitted.

"You sure you're okay?" Larry asked.

Balki shook his head.

"Okay I have to get going, remember it's your turn to clean the apartment today." Larry reminded Balki.

"Yes Cousin." Balki replied.

"Okay I don't want to come home and it still looks the way it does now." Larry scrolled his eyes around the apartment.  "A pigsty." Larry scolded. 

Balki said pushing Larry toward the door. "Cousin would you stop worrying.  The apartment will be clean.  Plus our pigsties on Mypos are much cleanlier than this." Balki interjected.

Larry just sighed and gave an agreeable look with a forced smile and closed the door.

Balki let out a big sigh.  He then went over to his bedroom door and knocked on it.  "Kelsey?"  There was no answer.  "Kelsey?" He called out again.  Still no answer.  He turned the knob but it was locked.  "Maybe she is still asleep.  She wasn't quite herself last night." He said to himself.  "Well I better get start cleaning before Cousin Larry comes back home and his curly hair turns straight."

Balki started with the bathroom, then moved to Larry's room.  "I thought Cousin Larry said he cut out the late night snacks." Balki said as he found a drawer full of wrappers of various snacks in Larry's bedside table.

He finished up there then moved on to the kitchen where he cleaned the refrigerator, the stove, he swept, mopped, wiped down the bar area, dusted the counter, and cleaned the kitchen table.

"All that is left is the living room and my room." Balki said exhausted.

He went to knock on his bedroom door again.  "Kelsey?" He called again.  Still no answer.  "I hate to bother you but I have to get in there to clean my room." Balki said.  Still no reply.  He really didn't want to knock again so instead he went and got started on the living room.  He started putting the sofa bed away.

Suddenly the bedroom door opened.  Kelsey walked out and into the living room, but kind of like a zombie.

"Morning Kelsey.  Are you feeling better today?" Balki asked.

Kelsey didn't say anything.

"Kelsey are you okay?" Balki asked a little more worried.

Still no answer.  She just had a crazy, evil look on her face.

"You'll feel better after I make you some breakfast.  Let me just put the sofa bed away first." Balki said as he turned his attention back to the sofa bed.

"Here let me help you with that." Kelsey said as she walked toward Balki.

"Oh no it's okay.  I got - ."

Just then Kelsey flipped Balki into the sofa bed.  "There all put away.  Hope you're all nice and comfy." Kelsey said in a harsh tone grabbing her stuff letting out an evil laugh then going out the door.


A few hours later Larry came home.  He unlocked and opened the door. "Oh my Lord!" He said as he saw Balki in the sofa bed with his feet dangling out from the sides.  He shut the door and quickly rushed over to it.  "What happened??  Who did this to you?" Larry asked.

"Cousin you think can unfold me before we start playing 20 Questions?" Balki said while he was in the strange, uncomfortable position.

Larry put down his briefcase and pulled the sofa bed out, then he pulled out his pretzel shaped cousin.

Balki still wasn't able to stand erected.  "Cousin you think you could - ?" Balki said as he motioned showing he needed his back cracked.

"Oh, yeah, alright." Larry offered.  Larry put his arms around Balki and bent him back so his back could crack.

"Ohh!!" Balki said with a sigh of relief as his bones cracked back into place.  "Thanks Cousin." He said.

"You're welcome.  Now what happened?  Who did this??" Larry asked in more concern tone.

"Kelsey did it." Balki said.

"Kelsey??  What were you all doing, playing one of your Myposian games that involved physical harm??" Larry asked.

"Well of course not, don't be ridiculous." Balki said.

"Well what happened?" Larry asked still concerned.

"I don't really know Cousin." Balki said.  "I was going to clean my room but couldn't because I felt she was still not feeling well from last night, so I cleaned the rest of the apartment up and would clean my room later.  So I was putting the sofa bed away and she came out the room, I kept asking her was she feeling better and she wouldn't say anything and then I told her I was going to make her some breakfast after I was done and then next thing I knew I was folded up with the sofa bed." Balki explained.

"Well what did she do after she did that?" Larry asked.

"After she folded me up all she said was 'There all put away.  Hope you're all nice and comfy.'" Balki explained again.

"Well where is she now?" Larry asked as he looked around.

"She left and been gone ever since." Balki said.

"Huh?" Larry said trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together.  "What did you all have for dinner last night?" He asked.

"We had the Surf 'n' Turf dinner with a baked po-tah-o, corn, and a sa-lad." Balki said.

"What did you have to drink?" Larry asked.

"Just sodas." Balki replied.

"Why could she be acting like this?" Larry wondered.

"Cousin I told you she's acting like that guy from that movie." Balki said as he placed the sofa's throw back on the back of the sofa.

"Balki I find that very hard to believe." Larry said.  "But I just can't understand why she is behaving like this.  Was she up for a part in a movie and she got a call saying she didn't get the role?" Larry asked.

"No Cousin, not that I know of." Balki said.

"Well did you give her a bad compliment on the outfit she had on last night or you didn't compliment it at all?" Larry asked.

"No Cousin I did complimented her outfit.  She was beautiful in it." Balki said.

"Hmm." Larry said to himself.

"All I know I don't like this.  I miss my little Cherry-Kel." Balki said sadly.

"Well with her being gone a few hours she has had time to cool off." Larry said.  "Maybe she will be fine when she comes back." He said.

"I hope so Cousin." Balki said with a hopeful look on his face.

"Well I'm ready for some lunch." Larry said as he rubbed his stomach indicating he was hungry.

"Well I didn't have time to fix lunch because I was folded up like a burrito." Balki said embarrassingly.

"It's okay." Larry said with a smile.

"So what would you like Cousin?" Balki said as he went over to the kitchen.  "Pig-snout pizza rolls, goat cheese stuffed ravioli, or a yak pot-pie?" Balki suggested.

Larry turned his nose up and waved the suggestions away.  "No thanks.  I think I'll just have a cold-cut sandwich." Larry said as he pulled out the bread and handed it to Balki.  He took a seat at the table.

Balki made the sandwich and took it over to Larry.  "Thank you Balki." Larry said as he sat the plate down in front of him.

"Would you like a pickle to go with that Cousin?" Balki asked.

"A pickle sounds lovely Balki." Larry said.

Balki went to go grab the pickle.  "Here you go Cousin." Balki said as he place the pickle down on a napkin.

Larry gave it a weird look.  "What is that?" He asked.

"The pickle Cousin." Balki said.

"That is not a pickle." Larry said.

"Well of course it is, don't be ridiculous." Balki said.

"Balki I have been around pickles all my life and that is definitely not an American pickle." Larry said.

"That's because it's a Myposian pickle." Balki said.

"A Myposian pickle?" Larry asked.

"Yeah they are made from miniature crocodile skin to give it that extra crunch and soaked in fish and cod liver oil." Balki explained.

Larry's face cringed.  "Thanks Balki, but I think I'll just skip the pickle." Larry said pushing it away.

"But it will make your taste buds pop!  You don't know what you're missing." Balki said.

"Ohh yes I do." Larry said as he shuddered.  He then took a bite of the sandwich.

Balki took a seat at the table.

"You're not going to eat?" Larry said with his mouthful.

"No, I'm not really hungry.  I'm worried and miss Kelsey." Balki said sounding depressed.  "Everything is not making any sense and you think I am a looney tune that has flew over the cuckooís nest." Balki said.

"Oh Balki I don't think you are crazy.  I just think it was a crazy idea that you think Kelsey is acting like that movie." Larry explained.

"Well all of this has my head swimming like the English Channel." Balki said rubbing his head indicating he had a headache.

"Why don't you go and lay down for a couple of hours." Larry suggested.

"Cousin there is no possible way I can do that.  I am too worried about Kelsey.  I got to make sure she's - ."

Larry got up from the table and pulled Balki up out of his chair.  "Go on, go on.  I'll wake you up if I find out anything about Kelsey." Larry said as he forcibly pushed Balki toward his bedroom.

Balki stopped in his tracks and turned around to face Larry.  "Do you promise?" Balki asked.

"I promise." Larry said in the most sincere voice he could muster while nodding his head.

Balki let out a smile.  "Okay.  Thank you Cousin." Balki said.  He then went into his room.

Larry let out a sigh of relief.  He went and turned the TV on and then returned to his sandwich.

"We have breaking news.  There happens to be strange activity happening down at our local newspaper, The Chicago Chronicle." Said the reporter on the TV.  Larry paused in mid-bite.  He threw his sandwich down and quickly ran over to the set.  "It turns out there are three individuals causing major chaos and doing a lot of terrorizing at the local newspaper.  Causing the machines to malfunction, locking some of the employees in the boiler room while others were being tortured by some of the individuals."  Larry's eyes grew wide as he heard this.

The reporter continued, "One of the individuals has laser powers and have used them to have office supplies such as staplers, paper clips, even pencils to attack the workers." Larry continued to listen in disbelievement.  "They are being describe as two males, fairly tall, around 5'8, skinny form, strong build, a tanned skin tone, both of them has dark brown eyes, one has a goatee, and the other one with a clean shaven face and the third individual is being describe as an African-American female, about 5'1, fairly skinny, with a short haircut, brown eyes but normally wears blue colored contacts, and two birth marks on the right side of her face."  Larry's eyes grew even wider after he heard the last part.  "They are also causing more havoc around the City of Chicago as well terrorizing innocent victims.  Please be aware of these individuals.  In other news tonight a guy name Vintion - ." The reporter continued.

Larry began to bite his lower lip.  "That description fit Kelsey but that couldn't possibly be her." Larry said to himself.  He rubbed his curly, brown hair and began to pace back and forth.  How was he going to explain to Balki the girl he adores is terrorizing the City of Chicago.

"Cousin I just can't do it." Balki said as he came out of his room unexpectedly.

"Uh!" Larry jumped startled.

"I know you told me to rest my eyeballs but I just can't." Balki said.

"Uh Balki, I - I thought you were going to lie down." Larry said standing in front of the TV feeling around trying to find the button to turn it off so Balki wouldn't see the news.

"Cousin I can't.  I'm still concerned about Kelsey.  You haven't heard any news about her yet have you?" Balki asked.

"Uh no!  No!" Larry said nervously finally turning the TV off.

"Cousin are you alright?" Balki asked concerned.

"I'm fine, fine.  Why do you ask?  What makes you ask?"

"I can always tell you're lying or nervous about something because you always say everything twice." Balki pointed out.

"Really? Really?  That's not true, it's not true is it?" Larry said not realizing what he was doing.

"I know what's going on here." Balki announced.

"You do?" Larry said nervously.

"Uh huh." Balki said as he approached Larry.  "You got another big writing article from Mr. Wainwright and Balki didn't even say anything.  How selfish of me." Balki said as he gave a friendly pat on Larry's back.

"Uh, right!" Larry said dumbfounded.  "Yeah I got another big assignment from Mr. Wainwright." Larry said playing along.

"I'm sorry Cousin.  My mind has been so racked worrying about Kelsey I haven't been at all concerned about you." Balki said.

"That's okay Balki.  But I hope next time you pay better attention." Larry demanded.

"I will Cousin." Balki said innocently.  "So what is this super-duper article you are writing about?" Balki asked.

"Hmmm?" Larry asked animatedly.

"What's the article you are writing about?" Balki asked again.

"Oh the article?  It's ... about ... the Queen of England coming to America to have dinner with the President." Larry made up.

"Really?" Balki asked with his eyes wide.  "You must be really nervous about this article." Balki said.

"Oh I am." Larry said still milking it.

"Well to calm your nervous nerves you need your friend Mr. Maalox." Balki said as he rushed to the kitchen to the Maalox bottle.

"Oh thank you Balki." Larry said with a sigh of relief, although the sigh of relief was not from his big article assignment.

"Here you go Cousin." Balki said as he handed the bottle to him.

Larry took the bottle and took a swig.  He quickly spit it out.

"Something wrong?" Balki asked wiping the liquid that was spitted on his face.

"Yes it is, this is not my Maalox." Larry said wiping his mouth.

"Well of course it is, don't be ridiculous.  See it says it right here, Maa-loo-xxx." Balki said running his finger and stressing the word 'Maalox'.

"Well it sure doesn't taste like it, what did you do to it?" Larry asked still having the awful taste in his mouth.

"Nothing Cousin.  I don't use that stuff.  When I have a upset stomach I contact the Gods of upset stomachs: Gas-xnos." Balki said.

"Gas-xnos?" Larry asked with his eyebrows arched.

"Yes and when he arrives be prepared and have your gas mask.  Whoa!" Balki said as he made a face and waved his hand.

"Well why does it taste like this?  It taste like spoiled milk mixed in with olive oil and hot sauce." Larry said making a face still remembering how awful the taste was.

"Cousin I don't know - ." Balki gasped all of a sudden.  "You don't think Kelsey did - ." Balki asked in a worried tone.

Larry all of sudden remembered the news bulletin.  Could Kelsey have sabotaged his antacid?  Probably.  She has been sabotaging everything else in Chicago.  Could have all the things Balki thought and said Kelsey had been doing true?  Larry couldn't believe that.  He didn't WANT to believe that.  He didn't want to believe that sweet, little Kelsey was doing those awful things and what was making her do those awful things.  "Maybe I just picked a bad bottle." Larry said erasing the horrible thought from his mind.

Balki eyed the clock.  "Cousin it's been over 5 hours.  Where could Kelsey be?" Balki asked with worry.  "Maybe we should go out and look for her.  She maybe in real trouble." Balki said.

"Yeah or maybe causing trouble." Larry muttered.

"What was that Cousin?" Balki asked.

"Oh nothing." Larry said.  "Now why don't you do something to take your mind off of Kelsey?" Larry suggested.

"You're right Cousin, maybe I should watch a little TV." Balki said as he reached down to pick up the remote.

"No!  No!  No!" Larry said snatching the remote from Balki.  "TV is so ... passe.  Why don't you do something that will expand your mind?" Larry suggested.

"Well I didn't get to read the Sunday funnies." Balki said.

"Perfect!" Larry said.

"But Cousin you always get upset when I read the funnies.  You said it's always a waste of my time." Balki said.

"Well that was because I wanted you to something better with your time at the moment." Larry made up.

"Oh!  Maybe I can help you with your big assignment." Balki suggested.

"No!!!" Larry interjected quickly.  "It's best if I work on it alone." Larry said.

"Can I at least watch you Cousin?" Balki asked.

"Balki what did I just say?" Larry said sternly.

"Okay Sunday funnies it is." Balki said in a innocent tone.  Balki picked up the newspaper and started to read.

Larry had his notebook out, pen in hand, but nothing to write.  Balki was trying to read, but the funnies were not so funny.  He only had one thing on his mind.

All of a sudden there was a knock at the door.  But it wasn't a normal knock, it was more of a pound.  Balki and Larry both raised their heads, then looked to each other.  The pound of the knock was so aggressive, Balki and Larry was terrified to open the door.

"We know you're in there!!" Said this aggressive voice.

Balki got up and ran over to Larry and stood behind him terrified.

"Balki what did you do?  You're not in any trouble are you?" Larry asked.

"N-no Cousin." Balki said innocently.

The aggressive pounding continued.  Balki and Larry slowly backed away from the door but never taking their eyes from it.

"Cousin what do we do?" Balki whispered in a terrified tone.

"I don't know.  We can't run.  We're too high above the ground." Larry said then looked out the window.  "I don't know, maybe if we - ." Larry said as he trying to see if he really could make it out the window.

"Cousin I don't think so." Balki assured him.

The aggressive pounding continued.  Balki and Larry continued to back away from the door with Balki still cowering closely behind Larry.  All of a sudden a laser beam knocked the door knob out of the door.  Balki and Larry gasped.  Kelsey stormed through with a very evil look on her face. 

Balki was so excited to see Kelsey that he didn't even noticed the look and started walking toward her with his arms opened.  Larry however did noticed the look and followed behind to try to stop him but Balki didn't notice.

"Zeke!  Yourick!  Get them!" Kelsey bellowed out.

All of a sudden two men wearing all black walked through the door and grabbed both Balki and Larry like they were rag dolls.

"Kelsey it's me Balki." Balki struggled to say as he was being gripped tightly by one of the goons.

Kelsey ignored Balki's remark.  "Zeke.  Yourick.  Don't be too rough with them." Kelsey said harshly.  Kelsey approached her two dangling victims.  "I think I'll give these two a break." Kelsey said.

"Are you sure about that Master Kels?  These two pipsqueaks would be perfect." Zeke said.

"Yes, I know they would be but all the others have suffered quite tremendously and with excruciating pain and there is plenty more that is going be taken care of." She said.

"Master Kels I think you should show them what can happen if they try and stop you." Yourick said as he made his grip tighter.

"Aah!  You are so right Yourick." Kelsey said.  She got closer to Larry and Balki.  "If you two try to cross my path and stop me, you see that plant over there?" Kelsey said as she pointed toward the plant.  Zeke and Yourick swung Balki and Larry around.  Kelsey shot a laser from her finger at the plant.  The plant turned from a pretty sight to a charred object.  Balki and Larry mouths dropped in disbelief.

Zeke and Yourick swung Balki and Larry back around to face Kelsey. "You two will suffer a pain far more worse than that." Kelsey threatened. 

Balki and Larry continued to look in awe.  She then let out an evil laugh.

"Aww come on Master Kels, let's do something to them, especially Shorty here." Yourick said as the words hissed from his smelly breath.

"All in due time Yourick." Kelsey said calming him down.  "We still plenty of that to do." She reminded him.

"But I feel they are going to try to interfere." Zeke said.

"I'm sure they won't, if they know what's good.  They already saw what the consequences maybe if they do.  Now come on my lovely minions, we have to get ready for the process of elimination along with the killings." Kelsey ordered as she gathered some items.

Zeke and Yourick released their tightly grips from Balki and Larry causing them to hit the floor hard.  "Uggh!" They both said as they hit the floor. 

Kelsey let out another evil laugh as she walked out the door with her two companions following her.

"Well..." Larry said calmly, turning his head slightly toward Balki with his eyes widen.

"Well now do you believe Balki now Mr. I'm-Not-a-Believer." Balki asked rubbing the crook out his neck.

"There's got to be some logical explanation for this." Larry said doing the same to his neck.

"Yeah we got to stop her." Balki said getting up.

"Stop her?!" Larry hissed getting up as well.  "Balki we can't stop her.  Did you just see what she did to the plant?" Larry said as he clenched his teeth together.

"Well of course I did, don't be ridiculous.  I was being dangled by my shirt just like you." Balki said stating the obvious.

"Well there you go." Larry said proving his point.

"But Cousin we have to stop her.  She and her mini-wheats are going to hurt and kill people." Balki stressed.

"That's 'minions' and Balki I don't want to find out what far worst pain we could suffer from if we interfere.  I'm allergic to pain you know.  I don't like it." Larry whined.

"Cousin we have to do something.  People's deaths are going to be on our head and shoulders if we don't!" Balki stressed.  "We have to stop her.  That is not Kelsey!  The real Kelsey would never think of hurting or want to kill people!" He said.

"But Balki even if we wanted to stop her (which I am not saying we are) we don't even know where she's at." Larry pointed out.

All of a sudden Balki got a surprised look on his face and exclaimed, "Of course!  Directionsnos!!"

Larry waited for a moment then asked, "Directionsnos?"

"Directionsos, the Myposian God of Directions." Balki explained.

"Any relation to Maponos?" Larry asked flippantly.

Balki turned to his airhead Cousin.  "Scoff if you will Cousin, but Directionsnos have helped plenty of Mypiots and their livestock get back to their huts and the livestock get back to their owners and some of the taxi carriages to get where they need to be." Balki said making Larry feel like a fool.  Just when Larry thought he knew his cousin's heritage, Balki always seemed to find a way to prove him wrong.

"Cousin I have to do a ritual to summon up Directionsnos so he can help us find and stop Kelsey." Balki said as he was preparing himself for the ritual but Larry quickly stopped him.

"Balki there is no need to perform a ritual for Directionsnos, Maponos, or GPSnos because we are not going and we are certainly not going to do anything." Larry said.

"Cousin I can't just sit on my feet and not do anything.  People's blood are going to be on the dance floor." Balki said.

Larry never understood how he always got caught up in these situations.

"Now are you in or outward bound Cousin?" Balki asked in a demanding voice.

Larry just gave Balki a smirking look.  Balki began to start performing the ritual where he was chanting, bouncing around, going up and down on his knees, and then moving around the room where he is holding his hand to his ear balancing on one leg moving from side to side.  Larry just stood off to the side with his arms folded rolling his eyes as he watched Balki do it.  Balki continued to do this for a few minutes until he suddenly stopped and froze.  He was very quiet looking from side to side.  Larry continued to look in disbelief.  Balki continued to look from side to side walking slowly.

"Did Directionsnos get lost and couldn't find his way?" Larry asked sarcastically.

"Cousin be respectful of the Gods!" Balki said seriously.  Balki continued to listen out.  Suddenly he gasped.  He dropped to his knees and raised his arms up.  "Directionsnos has arrived!" Balki said triumphantly.

"He did?  I didn't even here him come through the door." Larry said sarcastically.

"You can continue your scoffness Cousin, but now that Directionsnos has arrived he is going to take us to Kelsey.  Come on Cousin!" Balki said as he went over and started pulling Larry's arm.

"Ba - Balki, I just said I don't like pain and getting killed will probably be painful." Larry stressed.

"Cousin it's our duty to do this and don't you miss Kelsey?" Balki asked.  "Besides if we get killed you can always come back and haunt me." He said as he went out the door.  Larry just looked up and let out a sigh.

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