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Written by:
Cousin Whitney

Balki and Larry drove.  They drove and came up on this abandoned cottage.  They got out the car and stared at the abandoned building.

"I told you Directionsnos was right." Balki said.

"Yep it's always great to believe in something you can't see." Larry said sarcastically.

"This is just like from the movie.  A dark, abandoned building on a dark night." Balki said.

"You're not thinking of going in there are you?" Larry asked hoping the answer wouldn't be what he knew it was going to be.

"Of course WE are Cousin, what did you think we came down here only to see the sights?" Balki asked.

"That's basically what I had in mind, yes." Larry agreed.

"Come on Cousin, you know why we’re here.  Now we better get going, we are wasting time." Balki said as he started walking toward the cottage.  Larry followed behind, but his heart stayed near the car.

Balki and Larry walked up to the front door.  "Cousin doesn’t this remind you of a deja-voodoo?" Balki asked.

"Yes, yes it does." Larry confirmed.

Balki turned the knob but it was locked.  "It's locked Cousin." He said as he continued to turn it.

"Well can't say we didn't try, let's go!" Larry said making a dash for the car.

"Cousin!" Balki snapped.  He looked around.  "Look Cousin, there's a cracked window." Balki said as he pointed toward the window.  Larry let out a groan and followed behind.

"Uggh!" Balki let out a grunt as he pushed the window up.  He tried to climb in but couldn't get a grip.  "Uggh!  Uggh!" Balki said as he struggled. 

"Balki, would you like a hand?" Larry asked.

"Sure Cousin, which one?" Balki said as he let out a big laugh then added, "Where do I come up with them?"

Larry gave Balki a look that could kill.  Balki quickly dropped the smile and said innocently, "Yes Cousin I need a hand."

Larry bent down and cupped his hands together to give Balki a boost.  Balki put one foot into the hand-made booster.  "Okay on three I am going to lift you." Larry instructed.

"Okay.  Wait." Balki said as he stopped.  "Are you going to go one, two, and lift on three or go one, two three, and lift?" Balki asked.

"What difference does it make?  Whichever comes first." Larry said as he clenched his teeth together.  "Okay once again." Larry said as he cupped his hands together again.  "One, two, three!"

"Whoa!" Balki said as he was lifted through the window and hit the floor with a thud.

Larry heard Balki hit the floor but couldn't tell if he was okay.  "Balki are you okay?" Larry called out in a whispered tone.

"I'm fine Cousin." Balki said as he was getting up.

"Balki!  Balki!" Larry called out in a whispered tone, jumping up and down indicating he needed help through the window.

But Balki wasn't paying attention.  He was too busy looking around the half dark room.

"Balki!!!" Larry called out again in the same tone but with a little anger.

"Oh sorry!" Balki said as he snapped back to reality and ran to the window to help his cousin.  He began to pull Larry through the window.  "Cousin have you gained weight?" Balki said as he struggled to pull him up.  He then began to pull him up by his nose.

"Aahh!" Larry said as he screamed in pain.  Balki then moved up to Larry's hair.  "Aahh!" He screamed even more.  Larry was finally high enough to where he was able to pull himself up and get through the window.  As he was coming through his foot didn't land on the ledge quite right causing him to lose his balance and fall on top of Balki.

"Ow!" Balki said as he groaned in pain.  The two guys both got up and were in pain.

"Come on Cousin." Balki said.

Larry had a look on his face showing he didn't really want to do this.  The two inquisitive guys walked through the half lit house.  It was very still and quiet.

"Cousin it looks like no one is here." Balki whispered.

"That's a good sign, maybe Directionsnos was wrong and we don't have risk getting killed." Larry said with a hopeful look.

"Cousin Directionsnos is never wrong.  Now we are not leaving here until we have searched every crook and nanny." Balki stated.  Larry let out an exasperated sigh.

They continued to walk through.  Then they sniffed the air.  "Hmm smells like a pizza is cooking." Balki said.  They walked into the kitchen and sure enough there was a sausage and pepperoni pizza baking in the oven.  They continued their walk.  They came up on a device that had a countdown timer on it.

"Cousin what this is?" Balki asked as he pointed at the device.

"I don't know Balki." Larry said as he observed the device as well. 

"It looks like something that is going to be use to hurt and killed everyone." Balki said worriedly.

"That's 200 points for the foreign one." Said this familiar voice.

Balki and Larry gasped both with their eye wide.  All of a sudden everything went black.


"Uhh!" Larry groaned as he was coming to.  He tried to raise his hand to the sore spot on the back of his head but couldn't due to the fact that his hands and arms were being restrained.  The more his vision became clearer he noticed that he and Balki were tied up back to back hanging and dangling high up over a pool of a hot, toxic substance.

"Balki!  Balki!" Larry said as he tried to nudge Balki awake who was still unconscious.  Larry continued to nudge Balki awake.  Balki groaned as he was waking up.

"Cousin?" Balki said in a hoarse voice.

"Balki are you awake?" Larry asked.

"I think so Cousin or I'm having an optical delusion." Balki said as his vision and voice became clearer.  "Cousin, what's going on?  Where are we?" He asked.

"I don't know Balki.  I think we're in the basement of the cottage." Larry said looking around as everything was so damp and cold.

Balki then began to notice his surroundings.  "Cousin are we getting ready to play 'Swing at the Mypiot?'" Balki asked with a little excitement in his voice.

"'Swing at the Mypiot?'" Larry asked.

"Yes it's a game we play on Mypos at the Mypos Carnival.  Hit the Mypiot and knock them in a pool of mud and win a prize: a year supply of pig snout.  But it's harder than it sounds.  The person that is doing the swinging is blindfolded and has earplugs in so they can't see or hear while they are swinging." Balki explained.

"Balki I don't think we are going to play 'Swing at the Mypiot.'" Larry assured him.

"Well what are we playing?" Balki asked.

"We are not playing anything." Larry stressed.

"Well maybe Kelsey will come in and save us now she sees we are in danger." Balki assumed.

"I doubt that, if anything her and minions knocked us out and put us here." Larry said.

Just then Kelsey walked in along with her two companions behind her.  "Well, well, well.  It looks like our two house guests have finally woken up." She said in her evil tone smirking at her two dangling victims.  "Did you sleep well?" She asked still smirking.

"No, not as well if I was in my soft, comfortable bed.  Sleeping straight up really puts a strainer on the neck." Balki said not catching the sarcasm. 

"Master Kels, the foreign one is a real comedian." Yourick grimaced.

"Yeah a sheepherder simpleton." Zeke added laughing.

"So obviously you two have a hard time listening or don't take heed to warnings very well." Kelsey said giving them a menacing look.

"And apparently not too smart either because look where they are." Yourick said.

"So that means it's time to pay the price." Zeke added on.

"Kelsey this is not you.  Why are you doing this?  And what is that machine device?" Balki asked.

"Exactly what you said it was.  It's going to be used to eliminate and kill people." Kelsey confirmed.

"But why?" Larry asked.

"Master Kels, Shorty is not very bright is he?" Yourick joked.  Larry was getting tired of the comments being made by his height.

"Because it's what I do and needs to be done and my two lovely assistants here are going to assist me in doing that.  Zeke, the master of coming up with the ideas and Yourick, the master of executing them." Kelsey said as she introduced the two.

"But Kelsey you are going to be hurting and killing innocent people." Balki said in a concerned voice.

"I wouldn’t be so worried about that as to what's getting ready to happen to you." Kelsey said as an evil grin came across her face.

"What's getting ready to happen to us?" Larry gulped fearing and knowing what is about to be said was not going to be good.

"You see how you guys are tied to that rope that's tied off at the top?" Kelsey said as she pointed up.  Balki and Larry looked up.  "Noticed how the rope that's tied off is near the blow torch?" She said.  Balki and Larry nodded.  "Okay notice that bubbling pool underneath you?" She said as she pointed down.  "As soon as that blow torch is lit, it's going to burn every strand of the rope.  When all of the strands have burned you guys are going to fall into the pool that's going to be a little painful, let me rephrased that, extremely painful to the skin and anything else." Kelsey said as she finished describing Balki and Larry's doom.

Balki and Larry both let out a big gulp.

"Yourick will you please go up and do the honors?" Kelsey asked smirking.

"It will be my pleasure Master Kels." Yourick said as he did a gentleman's bow to excuse himself.

Kelsey and Zeke let out an evil chuckle.  Balki and Larry's eyes followed Yourick's every move as he climbed the stairs of the platform.  This was really a time Larry wished he knew magic or something to make Yourick trip or just make the whole situation just disappeared.  He then switched the blow torch on.

"All systems a-go." Yourick called out.  He then climbed back down and walked over where Kelsey and Zeke were standing.

All watched as the blow torch started burning the first strands.  "You know, Master Kels is actually cutting you a break by doing this to you.  It could be much worse." Zeke taunted.

"Zeke, Yourick why don't you all go and check on the countdowns' timer and see how close we are to our process of elimination while I start getting everything else ready." Kelsey said as she ordered the two off.  "Well gentleman if you will excuse me, I'm getting ready to get the things ready for the elimination round and kill.  Happy falling." Kelsey chuckled as she walked off.

Balki and Larry continued to stare at the strands.  "Cousin you were right, we never should've came here.  I was just trying to get my Kelsey back.  Not only are we getting ready to meet our matchmaker of Doom, and now you won't be able to turn in your big, writing article." Balki said as he lowered his head.

Larry let out a big sigh.  "Balki I got something to tell you."

"What is it Cousin?  You know what we forgot to get at the store when we went shopping?" Balki asked.

"No Balki." Larry said.

"We meant to get bananas instead of apples?" Balki asked again.

"No Balki." Larry said in a more annoyed tone.

"We - ."

"Balki!!!" Larry yelled out.

"Sorry Cousin." Balki said innocently.

Larry took in another deep breath and let it out.  "Remember when I told you to go lie down and rest and if I had found any information about Kelsey I would tell you?  Well there was a news story on TV about Kelsey reporting all the terrorizing her and her goons had been doing." Larry said.

"What?" Balki said astonished.

"A - and there is not big writing article about the Queen meeting the President that Mr. Wainwright assigned me." Larry confessed.

"Cousin, you lied to Balki.  You knew about all this and you didn't say anything?  And then you made me believe you finally got another big article you've been longing to get when it was all a lie?  And most importantly, you broke your promise.  Why did you do such a terrible thing?" Balki asked.

"Balki I really wanted to say something, but just didn't know how.  I know how much you love and adore Kelsey and have been so upset and confused by her behavior lately that I just couldn't find the words to tell you." Larry said sincerely.

Balki didn't say anything.  He just held his head down with a hurtful look on his face.  The torch was still burning the strands.  Larry couldn't see Balki's face, but he could tell he was hurt and disappointed.  He then peeked at the torch to see how much they had left.  He then let out another big sigh.

"Balki ... we don't have a lot of time left and we're getting ready to die, but I don't want us to die with you mad at me."

With the hurtful look still on his face, Balki still didn't say anything.  Larry's eyes shot back up to the torch.  The strands were continually burning. 

"Balki please say something." Larry pleaded.

There was a long pause.  "Cousin, I feel so hurt and betrayed.  Not only by Kelsey, but by you." Balki said in a hurtful tone.

"Balki you are the last person I want to hurt.  I just made a bad decision in judgment." Larry admitted.

"You went to go see a judge about all this?!" Balki asked surprised.

"No, no I meant I made a bad decision in not telling you and I'm truly sorry." Larry said as sincerely as he could.

Balki got quiet again and didn't say anything.

"You know Balki if there was anybody I'd rather die with, I'm glad it's you.  Will you forgive me please?" Larry asked as he tried to feel around through the ropes for Balki's hand.  He was able to find it and grab it.  Balki felt the grip.  A minute or two went by.

"Of course I forgive you Cousin." Balki said as he gripped Larry's hand back.

They both looked up to see how much was left.  It was starting to get near to the end.

"Well Balki I guess this is the end." Larry said.

"Cousin don't say that, we got (he gulped) a little time left." Balki said still looking up.

"I just wish I knew what was wrong with Kelsey and why she is doing all of this.  She has to be under some kind of hypnosis spell or something like you've been saying." Larry admitted.

"That's it!" Balki exclaimed.

"What is it?  You've figured out something to get us out of here?" Larry asked in a rushed tone.

"No." Balki admitted.

"Balki!!" Larry yelled.  "We don't have a lot of time left!  What are we going to do?!" Larry asked with his eyes shooting up.

"Umm I don't know Cousin!" Balki said now feeling the pressure.

Larry's teeth began to chatter.  "Think of something.  Bushi, bushi." Balki muttered.

"Uhh!" Kelsey groaned putting her hand to her head.

Larry's eyes grew wide when he saw that happened.  "Balki did you see that?" Larry asked.

"Well of course I did, don't be ridiculous.  What are you talking about?" Balki asked confused.

"When you said that word it had some effect on Kelsey.  Quickly say it again." Larry said.

"Cousin I don't know what that word I said." Balki said worried.

"Balki you have to remember that word." Larry pleaded.  "It sounded like a Myposian word.  It sounded like boo, boo, bus-." Larry said trying to sound the word out.

"Cousin this no time to be playing Boochi Tag!" Balki snapped.

"Balki I'm not wanting to play Boochi Tag.  I'm trying to sound that word out.  Bas, bis, bush." Larry said trying again.

"Booo - , booo - ." Balki said trying as well.

The fire was still burning and getting very close.

"Boo-, bushi." Balki said to himself still continuing to try to remember.

"That's it!!" Larry exclaimed.  "Say it again!  Quickly!"

"Why Cousin?  I don't see what - ." Balki said.

"Just say it!!!" Larry yelled.

Balki did what he was told.  "Bushi.  bushi.  bushi." Balki said.

"Say it louder!" Larry ordered.

"Bushi!  bushi!  bushi!" Balki continued to bellow out.

As Balki continued to say the word, the more it affected Kelsey.  She got weaker and weaker and it brought her to her knees and made her grab her head in pain and scream.  The effects of the spell were coming out of her.  Balki and Larry watched as this happened.  After it was all done everything was still, including Kelsey.  Balki and Larry dropped their head and assumed the worst.

Suddenly there was a sound.  "Uhh!  What happened?" Kelsey said as she was coming too.

"Kelsey!!!" Balki and Larry screamed out.

Kelsey raised her head and looked up.  "Oh my Lord!" She muttered to herself while getting up.  She ran over to where they were.  "What happened?  How did you guys get up there?" She called up.

"No time for questions.  Quickly go up and turn off the torch!!" Larry said frantically.

"Right." Kelsey said as she dashed to the platform.  She climbed the stairs as quickly as her little legs allowed her.  She tried to flip the switch off.  It was pretty heavy.  It wouldn't flip.

"Guys, I can't flip the switch!" She cried out.  There was now a few strands left.

"That's it, we're going to die!" Larry said as he began to whine.

She was trying harder to switch it off.  "Kelsey why don't you blow it off since it's a blowtorch?" Balki said.

Kelsey stopped doing what she was doing and both she and Larry gave Balki a look of confusion.  The torch was now burning the last strands.  

The three of them returned to the panicked modes.  Kelsey was frantically trying to flip the switch.  The torch was now burning the last couple of strands.  Balki and Larry tensed up closed their eyes.  Kelsey finally got the switch flipped.  The torch went off.

Balki and Larry slowly opened their eyes and looked around.  Everything looked the same.  They didn't feel anything.  They did not fall into the toxic substance and they were not dead.

"Whew!" The three of them said letting out a big sigh of relief.

Kelsey used a lever to move Balki and Larry over away from the substance pool then used another lever to lower then to the ground.  She ran over and untied her friends.  "Are you guys okay?" She asked.

As soon as they were free they took a step back with a terrified look on their faces.

"Guys what's wrong?  Why are you so quiet and...distant?" She asked.

"Kelsey, is-is that really you?" Balki asked still with the terrified look on his face.

"Of course it's me Balki.  Who else will it be?" Kelsey said.

Balki and Larry still weren't convinced and steadily were backing away from her just in she did something unexpectedly to them like bodily harm.  "Kelsey what is your fa-vah-rite drink?" Balki asked eyeing Kelsey nervously.

"Balki you know I love fresh-squeezed lemonade." She answered.

"And what do you for a living?" Larry asked.

"Larry you know I'm a actress / voice over actress." She answered again.

Balki and Larry let out a big sigh of relief.  They were finally convinced.  Sure enough the real Kelsey was back.  They walked over and embraced her.

"Guys what is going on and why do I have this awful headache and feel so dizzy?" She asked.

Her head was spinning so much that she all of sudden fainted.  Balki caught her in his arms.

"Cousin quickly!  We have to get Kelsey home!" Balki urged.


"Here you go." Balki said as he handed a cup of hot chocolate to Kelsey.

"Thank you Balki." Kelsey said as she took the cup.  She was sitting propped on the couch with Balki's Myposian blanket with the sheep on it covering her.

"Do you need anything else?" Balki asked.

"No thank you Balki; I'm good." Kelsey replied.  She paused for a minute while rubbing her finger around the edge of the mug.  "I'm sorry I almost turned you guys into human bar-b-que." Kelsey apologized.

"Ohh, it's okay." Balki said waving his hand away.  "Although I wonder how I would taste as human bar-b-que." He thought.

"Do you remember much?" Larry asked.

"No not much.  Everything is still pretty much a blur even with what you guys told me." Kelsey said.

"That must've been some powerful hypnosis spell I was under." She said.

"Oh it was." Larry added.

"I wonder how it happened or who did it." Kelsey said.

"Well honestly we don't know who did it or how it happened.  You and Balki come home from your date and he said you just wasn't yourself which you wasn't." Larry said.

"Cousin that sounds like a job for the investigative reporting journalism team." Balki offered.

"Hmm maybe you're right Balki." Larry said thinking he would be the one to write about this.

"Maybe you should mention it to them so they can start writing about it." Balki said.

Larry's dream then shattered to pieces.

"I wondered what happened to Zeke and Yourick." Balki said.

"Who?" Kelsey questioned.

"Zeke and Yourick.  The two guys that were working with you." Balki explained.

"Well Balki I assume when you said the secret word it broke the spell, including everything that went along with it.  So Zeke, Yourick, even that countdown device machine, none of that even existed." Larry explained.

"You mean like a Panda's box?" Balki asked.

"I think you mean Pandora's Box and that's exactly right.  Or it could've created a paradox." Larry said.

"What does a pair of pants have to do with this?" Balki asked confused.

Larry just rubbed his head with frustration.  "N-never mind Balki." He said.

"Well I'm getting ready to go bed.  I am super beat.  It's been a pretty exhausting and nerve wreaking few days." Larry stressed.

"And exciting too." Balki added.

"Yes, yes it has." Larry confirmed.  "And speaking of exciting, if anything exciting like this happens in the next 24 - 48 hours please ... don't call me." Larry begged.

"Okay Cousin." Balki said innocently.

"It's great to have you back Kelsey." Larry said stooping down to give her a hug.

"Thanks Larry." Kelsey said smiling hugging Larry back.

Larry started heading back to his bedroom.

"Goodnight Cousin.  Count Dimitris." Balki called out.

"Goodnight Balki.  Uh I'll try to do that." Larry called back out.

Balki returned his attention back to Kelsey.  "Kelsey you sure you okay?  You need anything else?" Balki asked.

"I'm still a little groggy and confused, but no I'm good." Kelsey said as she took a sip of her hot chocolate.  "I'd just wish I knew how I got put under that spell and who did it." Kelsey wondered.  "This name Vinton keeps coming in my head but I don't know why." She said.

"I think I know part of the reason." Balki said in a low tone.

"What?" Kelsey asked.

"From us trying to watch that horror-rible scary movie." Balki said.  "I wanted to watch that movie so bad that I turned you into a monster." He said sounding ashamed.

"Balki you didn't turn me into a monster, technically I wasn't a monster, from what you guys told me, I was just going around doing horrible things to people and killing them.  But whoever put that spell on me was a horrible person." Kelsey said.

"But what you were doing was like that guy in the movie.  It was like a 'coin that's dent.'" Balki said.

"Balki I think you mean coincidence and in a way it kind of was, but Balki you shouldn't be blaming yourself for this.  If anything you are a hero.  You saved my life, Larry's life, and anybody else's life that was going to be involved." Kelsey explained.

"I don't feel like a hero, I feel like babasticki." Balki said.

"Balki you shouldn't feel like babasticki.  But I hope you know this is a lesson learned.  The next time you want to watch a scary movie, you will be watching it alone." Kelsey said pointedly.

"Oh trust me, I have had my stock shares of horror-rible scary movies." Balki assured.

Kelsey looked up and gave a forcibly smile and looked back down.

"Now you just sit her and relax and drink your hot chocolate while I get my room ready for you." Balki said.

Kelsey gave Balki an 'okay' look.  He then went into the room.

But there was something still strange about Kelsey.  Something not quite right.  Kelsey looked up and developed a scheming look on her face.  She pulled her hands out from under the blanket.  Her laser finger was lit up and still active.  "Bwahwahwah!" She let out an evil laugh.

"Well Kelsey the room is already.  Let's get you in ther - ." Balki's voice trailed off when he saw Kelsey and her laser lit finger.  "Kelsey what are you doing?" Balki asked with his eyes wide.

"Now it's really time to meet your doom sheep boy." Kelsey said in an evil tone pointing the laser finger at him.

"Kelsey!  No!  No!" Balki said backing away in terror while Kelsey was walking toward him laughing threateningly.  "No!  Get away!  No!  Stop!  No!  Get away!  Stop!"

"Balki!  Balki!" Kelsey called out trying to shake Balki awake.

"No!  Get away!  Stop!  Don't laser beam me!  The spell was broken!  I broke the spell!" Balki mumbled.

"Balki!  Balki!" Kelsey urged.

Balki opened his eyes and saw Kelsey standing in front of him.  "Aahh!" Balki let out a blood-curdling scream which caused Kelsey to let out a blood-curdling scream in return.  He then leapt up from the couch and ran away from Kelsey.

"Balki what's wrong?" Kelsey asked in disbelievement.

"Don't you shoot your laser beam finger at me!" Balki cried.

"Balki I don't have a laser finger." Kelsey said holding up her plain, ordinary fingers.

"What have you done with Cousin Larry?" Balki demanded.

"Balki, Larry is in his room asleep." Kelsey answered.

"Where is Zeke and Yourick?" Balki asked.

"Who?" Kelsey asked confused.

"The two guys that were helping you terrorize the City of Chicago." He then looked around.  "No abandoned cottage?  No countdown machine device?  No trying to turn us into human bar-b-que?" Balki asked.

"Human bar-b-que??  What are you talking about?" Kelsey stressed.

Balki realized where he really was.  "I think I was having a nightmare remix." Balki said.

"A nightmare remix?" Kelsey asked confused.

"Yeah.  A nightmare within a nightmare.  Thought the nightmare was over, but it really wasn't." Balki explained.

"Sounds pretty intense." Kelsey said.

"Ohh it was awful!  You were under a deep, intense, hypnosis spell, and you had these two guys whose names were Zeke and Yourick helping you terrorize the City of Chicago by hurting and killing innocent victims, and you had this finger that shot laser beams out of it, and you had me and Cousin Larry as your prisoners and was going to turn us into human bar-b-que.  And the only ways to break the spell was to say the secret word which was 'bushi'.  But we never knew who or how you got put under the spell." Balki explained.

"Hmm." Kelsey said sounding intrigued by Balki's story.

"Then we thought after the secret word was said we thought the spell was fully broken and thought everything was back to normal and okay, but it wasn't because you still had your laser beam finger and was coming toward me with it." Balki said as he began to cry.

Kelsey ran over to Balki and started hugging him reassuringly.  "Aww Balki it's okay.  I'm right here." Kelsey said comforting him.

"Everything was just like from that movie we watched." Balki said in between his sobs.

"Aww Balki come on, let's sit down." Kelsey said motioning him to sit down.  "Balki I think you watching that little bit of that movie has let your imagination get the best of you." Kelsey said.

"You mean my imagination was playing tricks and running away with me?" Balki said now calming down.

"Well yeah." Kelsey said trying not to laugh at what Balki just said.  "But Balki I hate to say it but I have to say 'I told you so.'" She added.

"Why are you saying 'I told you so?’" Balki asked.

"Well Balki I told you I didn't want to watch that movie in the first place, but you insisted we did and the little bit that you watched consequently caused you to have a nightmare." Kelsey explained.

"You're right Kelsey." Balki said meekly.

"But the best thing is it's all over, everything is okay and back to normal." Kelsey said genuinely.  "Are you starting to feel better?" She asked.

"A little bit." Balki said meekly.

Kelsey then bent Balki over backwards and gave him a passionate kiss.  "How about now?" She asked in a seductive tone.

"Wwwow!  Much better now." Balki said intrigued.

"Good!" Kelsey said smiling.

"Well I'm glad that's over with." Balki sighed getting up from the couch.

"Me too." Kelsey agreed getting up as well.

"Kelsey what do you say we go get something to eat?  There's this place called Vinton's where you can get a meal and a lighted show.  It's really 'spellbinding.'" Balki suggested.

"Balki I don't want to go anywhere that has the word spell let alone the word binding in it." Kelsey stressed.

"Oh right." Balki said as he remembered.  "Well we can find something else then." He said.

"Okay." Kelsey said.

"Ohh I don't ever want to go through something like that again.  Being scared like that is no fun.  Scary movies do put crazy thoughts into your head." Balki stressed.  "But I'm glad to have my Cherry-Kel back." Balki said.

He didn't see Kelsey had stepped out the room.  He looked around worriedly.  "Kelsey?" He called out worriedly.  He frantically started looking around.  "Kelsey?" He called out again.  He then walked toward the bedrooms.

"Boo!" Kelsey said jumped out from the wall next to the closet scaring Balki.

"Aahh!" Balki said as he jumped.  "Kelsey you scared me. Why did you do that?" Balki asked with a little anger in his voice.

"Aww.  Balki should joke more!" Kelsey said with a smile.

The End