TV Guide
January 28, 1989



Perfect Stranger

Sporting a lizard lapel pin, Mark Linn-Baker talks about what the audience never sees when he and Bronson Pinchot are doing one of their wild physical routines in ABC's Perfect Strangers.  "Recently we were doing a show, and the note said, 'Balki picks Larry up and shakes him like a rag doll.'  We had done that a year earlier, and because we work so well together it never occurred to any of us that we would have to rehearse it.  We built ourselves into a comedic frenzy, Bronson grabbed me to shake me like a rag doll, and we smacked our heads together, causing Bronson's tooth to become embedded in my forehead," says Mark.  "The nurse cleaned the blood off us, and eventually I had a stitch in my forehead and Bronson had to go for root canal.  But we finished the scene."

The Other Perfect Stranger

"Mark [Linn-Baker] and I were asked to do this talk show in Detroit," says Bronson Pinchot.  "It was doing a theme program called 'Man Talk' that sounded so silly that I said, 'Mark, please, can we do it?'  So he said, 'Okay,' and it turned out to be this forum for dragging men through the mud, hosted by a woman, with all women in the audience.  The first question they asked was, 'Do men feel anything during lovemaking?' and it went downhill from there.  The whole tenor of the show was how all men want is sex and they don't care about long-term things.  But unknown to the hostess, who was at the back, the front row was filled with these women who had just come to see Mark and me, and the whole time every one of these loony tunes was mouthing, 'I want to [bleep] you!'"