TV Guide
March 14, 1987

Perfect Match
By Elaine Warren

"Wild-and-crazy immigrant sheepherder (with roommate) seeks like-minded female.  Object: puppy love."  That's the way it seems to be going on ABC's Perfect Strangers for Balki (Bronson Pinchot) and his upstairs neighbor Mary Anne (Rebeca Arthur).  But what's next?  "I'd say Balki and Mary Anne don't really know what they feel for each other," says Arthur (above).  "She likes to tease and flirt with him, and she thinks he's fabulous.  And he doesn't know what to make of her.  He's overwhelmed."  Of her own space-cadet-ish character, Arthur says, "She's a little dizzy, but then she'll come out with something that makes perfect sense.  I'd say she's naive."  Could anybody be more perfect for Balki?  Don't be ree-dee-culous!