TV Guide
September 1, 1984

   Roar of the Greasepaint


Forget his Hollywood success in "My Favorite Year."  Mark Linn-Baker of CBS' Comedy Zone insists that "my interest is primarily in the theater."  Indeed, it rankles him to be reminded that -- despite years of theater work (including a stint in Broadway's "Doonesbury") -- he's still best known for "My Favorite Year."  "Maybe it made some people in California notice," he says, "but New York theater people have always been familiar with my work."  Which brings us back to Comedy Zone, a summer series that draws its cast and writers from the New York stage.  The series features six regulars, plus a string of guest stars.  Is there time enough for everyone?  "I don't worry about that," says Linn-Baker.  "I am a theater person.  I'm only interested in whether the material works."