TV Guide
December 12 - 18, 1987

   Perils of Pinchot
It was trapeze-y does it as Perfect Strangers' Bronson Pinchot
threw himself into his role on Circus of the Stars

Photos by Gene Trindl

Oh, the ignominy of it.  "He was the most uncoordinated person in the world," says executive producer Bob Silvers.  "He had terrible arm strength."  His trainer, Fay Alexander, also minces no words: "He was exceptionally petrified."  His catcher, Danny Castle (in photos, below), is more tactful: "Bronson gets the award for the most improved, that's for sure."  These circus pros are talking about the early acrobatic efforts of Bronson Pinchot, who will appear on the flying trapeze in CBS' 12th Annual Circus of the Stars, scheduled to air Tuesday, December 15th, at 9 p.m. (ET).  He'll look fine when you see him.  In the beginning, though, our daring young man flew through the air with the greatest of -- pure terror.  It took him three weeks, he says, to master a key move: when you grab the bar and go to the platform, you have to keep your arms straight.  Frustrating?  "For the first three weeks, almost, I would just shake on the way home -- you know, like when you've almost been in a car accident.  I thought about quitting a lot."  But he didn't quit -- and he did master a couple of trapeze stunts.  The one on these pages is called Crab to the Legs.  In a recent interview, we told him we had a picture in which he was smiling.  "Smiling?"  Bronson found that hard to believe.