USA Today
October 31, 1991

'Perfect Strangers' gets into another fine mess
Inside TV by Peter Johnson

Last season Mark Linn-Baker and Bronson Pinchot played Ralph Kramden and Ed Norton, a.k.a. The Honeymooners, on ABC's Perfect Strangers.

Friday at 9 EST/PST they return to the past again -- this time as Stan Laurel (Pinchot) and Oliver Hardy.

The premise: The guys are building a gazebo in the backyard and someone says gee, don't they remind you of Laurel and Hardy?  The screen goes from color to black and white (unless you have a black and white set) and the boys do shtick.

"What became apparent to us," says co-executive producer Paula A. Roth, "is that over the years, their relationship has become very Laurel and Hardy-esque, and this was a wonderful opportunity to address that."

What's next?  "We've done The Honeymooners and Laurel and Hardy; maybe next we'll do Lucy and Ethel."  Say it isn't so!  Perfect Strangers: The Cross Dressers.