Watch . . . and Learn!
Issue #13, October 1991

The seventh season has just begun but already there have been both consistencies and inconsistencies to point out!

We must thank the writers for bringing back flashes from the past.  One person mentioned twice already this season is Balki and Larry's former neighbor, Mrs. Schlegelmilch.  Balki was distressed because he vaguely recalled pushing her down the garbage chute when they were drunk at Larry's bachelor party.  Later, when Jennifer was trying to scare Balki into seeing how bleak their future would be when they couldn't afford their new house, Balki first guessed the homeless person Jennifer was referring to was Mrs. Schlegelmilch.  Even though she won't be their neighbor any more we hope they find some way to keep mentioning her!

Back again for the first time in what seems like a long time was Jimmy, the Chronicle's security guard, who showed up for Larry's bachelor party.

Back again was Balki's ritual of sitting among the ashes when he felt he'd done wrong in a touching moment from The Bachelor Party.  There was also another joke about Larry having no upper lip while they were standing in the line-up in the wedding episode.

How long has it been since Larry has cried out, "Why don't you help me?" or "Why aren't you helping me?" to Balki in a moment of stress?  It happened again after the bachelor party when Larry was trying to find a way to cover up his tattoo!

And Pioli's Pizza got another mention as the phone number Jennifer quickly gave Balki while trying to convince their realtor to let them out of their house lease.

But there was one major inconsistency that kind of threw off the wedding scene for half a second.  It was when Balki said he never had a brother or a sister.  This will be emphasized in a future episode as well but didn't Balki tell Olivia Crawford that his sister Yanna had made the tapestry she came to see?  But of course that was the tapestry Balki made for Larry for Christmas some time ago!  Keep an eye open for it hanging up in the new house!