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(This particular biography was taken from the 1990-91 season press kit for the show)

Melanie Wilson was born October 14 in Los Angeles, CA.  The daughter of show business veteran Dick Wilson (known to television viewers as product spokesperson "Mr. Whipple") and former dancer Meg Brown, Ms. Wilson’s natural acting ability was encouraged at an early age, leading to her stage debut at the age of ten in an equity waiver production of "Nobody Loves an Albatross."  After graduation from North Hollywood High School, she moved to France to continue her studies, providing her the opportunity to travel through much of Europe and eventually on to Africa.

Upon her return to Los Angeles, Ms. Wilson decided to pursue her acting career in earnest, continuing her work on the stage with roles in "Tribute," "The Chalk Garden" and "Butterflies are Free."  She also began landing guest-starring roles on numerous television series including "The A-Team," "Simon & Simon," "Hotel" and finally "Perfect Strangers," where in 1985 (sic), her guest spot evolved into the regular role of Jennifer, the upstairs neighbor of Balki and Larry, and the continuing object of Larry’s awkward affections.

Ms. Wilson lives with her husband in North Hollywood, CA.


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